Dear Music Lovers !
We are selling rare classical music LPs and audiophil interest LPs mainly from Germany.
Artists include:
Fournier, Hoelscher, Mainardi, Martzy, Mullova, Stross, Pikaisen, Stanske, Szigeti, Furtwangler, Ansermet, Ricci, Barylli, Loewenguth, Rybar, Strub, Ney, Argerich, Backhaus, Cortot, Haebler, Haskil, ...
Labels include:
MFSL, Telarc, Super Analogue Disc, Reference Recordings, Reissues, Decca, Mercury, RCA, Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft (DGG), Philips Hifi Stereo, ...

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Deutsche Grammophon: Digital Recordings, Large Tulip Label, Rare Violin, Violoncello, Chamber Music, ...
Deutsche Grammophon: Yellow Label Stereo LPs
Philips Stereo LPs
Violin, Cello, Piano, Chamber Music LPs
Complete Editions, rare boxed sets, early stereo LPs

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